So, some updates since I last posted. - In October I came out as pansexual. "What's pansexual mean?" -> It means that I like people regardless of their gender. I like girls, boys, trans, EVERYONE. - I shaved part of my head; I have an undercut.
- I have 3 tattoos now.
- My hair is blue now.
that is all for now.

Oh dear.

I am terrible. I have not posted on here in such a long time. I feel so disconnected. Everything on here has changed. I think I will go back to writing on here about my days and such. I wonder if this is still hooked up to my tumblr and twitter.... We will see. Expect a post about updates in my life since my last post.


I could really use some help right now....
- I need having heart surgery. My heart doctor called me with that wonderful surprise a couple days ago.
- I am moving and I have no one to help me move. No car. No cash for a uhaul. Nothing.
- Shitty summer college classes are ending in 11 days.
- Real college classes that matter are starting in 29 days.
- I only have enough money to pay rent, buy textbooks, or buy things like food and toiletries for the apartment (which is useless if I can't pay rent, but if I pay rent then I cannot buy food and stuff....)

What I am asking of you guys is a big thing for me to ask. I need money. I am desperate here. If you guys could go look at my etsy shop and buy something from me, that would be awesome. It doesn't really have a lot right now, but it would be awesome anyway.
You can also look through my sold items and request things. I can probably remake a lot of things.....
here is the link: http://kelsilove.etsy.com