Hello everyone reading this!
As you know from reading my little about me section, I am a senior in high school.
Big whoop huh?

Well my school requires all seniors to do a "Senior Project" (My school is one of the only schools in my state that does it).

What does this mean to you?
Here's my idea:
I am going to do a huge local craft show here in my town. (I'm a genius).
However, it's going to be more than that. It will be titled: Starving Artists Ending Hunger.

I will have a raffle for prizes and those proceeds will all go to Action Against Hunger. 80% of my personal proceeds will also go to the foundation. Whoever else wants to participate with the foundation at the show will be welcome to join in and help.

I will also be making a club and we will be raising money and the members will help me with my project.

I don't have to start this for a while (I'm not in school right now, so it hasn't even been approved) but when it starts, 30% of my shop proceeds will go to the foundation until my project is over.

What do you think of my idea?

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