I had a really nice day.
Last night, I played a board game with Ryan (Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego).
Today, we ate breakfast at Jack in the Box, we cleaned house (and had fun), we went and saw The Time Travellers Wife (nice movie), and then as we were walking 2.1 miles (according to google maps) home we stopped at Craft Market.
I am in love <333
It is the best store in the world.
We spent $9.

We walked even further and I ran into a good friend I haven't seen since June.
=) I got a hug and we talked for a couple minutes.
Then, a few blocks later, this tourist asked us for directions. She was nice. =)

We came back home. Ryan left. I got to watch 17 Again and make etsy stuff.
I made 4 pairs of earrings and a pinecone pendant.
I'll be listing tomorrow.

I'm very happy.

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