Are we exicted??!
I had SO many entries!
Here's a picture...

Wow! Thank you all so much!
Well, here is what you ahve all been waiting for!

***My mom picked all the papers out of the box for me! I just couldn't bring myself to do it!***

Yay! Congrats guys!!

These for fabulous troopers get a $5 gift card to my shop!
My7Kids, jules792000, noble beeyotch, Melissa, and BigSTlittlecity!

These six supa dupa peeps get 30% their next order!
Life on print, crazy poet, sewingdreams11, danny_b_va, f. sarah, and Kaitlyn Emo!

These six people get 20% off!
Jesus_iscomin, cmh512, hypnotransformations, Kaye star lam, PrettiesbyMeg, and Bijouxboutique!

Every other person that enter and who WASN'T mentioned gets a nice 10% off their next order from Kelsilove.

Thanks for everything guys! I hope you all had fun with this giveaway. I know I did!

2 additional things:

Little Waltz said...

ooh! How awesome. Thank you so much!

my7kids said...

Wow, thank you, and thank you! Now I have to go shopping...

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