Why I'm Lucky...

Wow, third post of the day.

Reasons why I'm lucky:
- I have a boyfriend that really loves me

He's a cutie. He's also working very hard on our book, relationship, and to get a new car.

- I made tons of sales and trades last week

I bought this awesome bag from theboldbanana with some of my profit :)

So I'm pretty much doing great now that I'm looking at it this way.

My life is filled with beards.

4 additional things:

Little Waltz said...

I love that bag you got! Though I'm inclined to be on the other side of the fence. Not too fond of beards myself. =P

Still, cute bag!

candleguy821 said...

I have had a beard since before I got married in 1970. I shaved it off once and my wife did not recognize me. She said jokingly(i think), if I shaved it off again, it would be grounds for devorce.

candleguy821 said...

great looking bag!

Collaborators In Cahoots said...

Wonderful to be so in love and feel so lucky! And I must say you are!~Valerie