Saturday Looks Good To Me

What I did last Saturday...
- I admired my ring that Ryan gave me on Friday (it's real too :D).

Here's me...

Here's Ryan...

- We went out to eat at the Nugget. For those who don't live in Nevada, it's a casino here in town. They have great fries. (These pictures are with the camera phone)

Here's Ryan eating...

Here's my breakfast.

- Then we found where the sidewalk ends. It saddened us greatly.

- We also found lots of construction.
They have been building a road through my neighborhood for 4 years.
They REALLY need to HURRY UP!!!

- We went to go rent movies at Hollywood video. We found Justin, MIkey, and Roy there!

Good movies:

Epic Cover:

What we rented:

The End.

2 additional things:

Valerie's Essentials said...

Ryan did good... Very pretty ring! I noticed it was on the left hand too...????

kelsilove said...

Partly because my class ring is on the right hand. ;)