So I figured out what is wrong with my leg.
One doctor sent me to another doctor because he assumed I had a blood clot.
He never even took x-rays of my leg.

So I get to the other doctor and they say I do not have a blood clot.

So the first doctor calls and says I have Tendonitis.
Take two advil and feel better.

I hate you.

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Collaborators In Cahoots said...

Sorry you weren't / aren't feeling well! I know what you mean then you have to still pay! That's why I am soooo stuborn about going to the Doc. My hubby hates it but I'm not going to give them my $ unless I know there is a darn good reason. But sometimes, like you, you have to go and see... OR it would have gotten a lot worse. You did the right thing. Now you can get better! ~ Valerie (http://ValerieEssentials.etsy.com)

kelsilove said...

It was so funny. The first doctor made the second doctor mad because he never even took the x-rays or anything like that. He just looked at my leg and sent me to her.

My mom is really pissed though.
She is out to kill the doctor guy xD