So, a lot has been going on.
I passed all of my finals and I have A's in my US Gov't, Sci-fi, Ceramics, Photography, and TA classes (I got received a B in trig/pre-calc).
As you know I have been accepted to the University of Nevada-Reno!
However, my shot record was not kept properly at the cheap doctors office I used to go to, so they never recorded that I got a Tetnas shot back in 2005, so I have to get another one before I start school again in the Fall.
I decided that I am going to major in History. I have no clue what kind of job I'll be getting with that, but I'm used to being a poor kid so it will work out.
Ryan and I started buying stuff now that we know we are definately moving to Reno in the summer.
So far we have:
a toothbrush holder (I made it in ceramics).
plates and mugs
a measuring cup
a 2010 kitten calendar
silverware (it's really nice)
paper towel holder
15 dish rags
a desk
3 pots
1 skillet
lamps (my mom said she would give me the two she doesn't like).
and a Hello Kitty toaster that my mommy bought for me for Christmas.
We have other things too (like tv's and computers and stuff) but I need some more stuff.
My mom also said that she would give me $500 when she does her taxes. :)

My friend Anthony is moving back from Washington so he can move in with us when Ryan and I move to Reno. I have a great plan too. I will "live" at the dorms and at home with Anthony and Ryan. I will have some stuff at UNR and pay for living there so I can get the dorm perks like free internet and a meal plan and I will have everything else at the apartment. It is a grand plan.

Anyway, I'm really excited. I talked my mom into getting me a cat for my graduation present. She is helping me find a home for the guinea pigs (they are going to a nice gay couple. One of them works at the pet store too!)

Oh, about the shop, I really want a lot of my inventory gone ASAP. It's not that I want to close it down, it's just that with so much going on it would be easier to not have to worry about getting packages out right away like I usually do. So if you want anything from my shop, just email me (xohellogoodbyexo[at]gmail.com) or comment me and we can work something out. I usually go for any type of trade and I do bargins.
I also listed some prints in a new section. Ryan has been getting a lot better at painting. They look incredible. I'm currently talking him into taking a another trip to kinkos to make prints to sell.

Anyway, I have to start cleaning the house. By the end of Christmas vacation I will make sure to post at least one picture of my room.
Hectic life = too busy for everything.

Maybe after I clean I will play video games.
That sounds really nice :)

Ryan got new glasses by the way....

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sassypackrat said...

Sounds like such a crazy, hetic & fun time in your life! Enjoy and best wishes!

kelsilove said...

Thanks :)