1. I'm sick.
2. I have a fashion show at school that I'm producing on Monday.
3. I'm late getting packages out.
4. I hate the snow.
5. My hair color washed out.
6. My nose ring smells like old chocolate.
7. My boyfriend is getting pizza without me.
8. No one talks to me anymore.
9. I'm scared to death.
10. What am I supposed to do?
1. I have an amazing boyfriend.
2. I sold all my tickets.
3. My shoes are dry.
4. The upstairs bathtub hasn't fallen on my head...yet
5. I haven't had to do any chores.
6. I bought new songs.
7. I finally shaved my winter legs.
8. I might make a grilled cheese.
9. I also have snickers and milky ways galore.
10. My sister is going to bed soon.

2 additional things:

Renée M. said...

snickers/milky way galore? haha! i love it! :)
and nooo, why hate the snow? :(

kelsilove said...

The snow makes everything wet!!!
Including my shoes!