Is it sad that I dreamt about blogging last night? I think so.
Anyway, I was thinking of doing some sewing today. I need more zippers though, so there isn't much I can do.
I am going to (try) and photograph my new items today. That is, if it isn't too cold.
Ryan came over last night and we watched a movie and TV. We watched The Goods. IT was funny. Then there was so much stupid crap that I kept changing the channel (I only get like 8 channels). We ended up watching an infommerical about some old rock ballads collection (which was hosted by Peter Frampton xD). We kept laughing because everyone one either had a mullet or looked like an old rapist (Boston had the worst with the rapist look).
Also, Carson Daly has a peanut head. I just thought I would put that out there.
Anywho, I might post some pictures later. Not sure though.
Happy New Years Day!

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