Hey everyone!

Well, I am a finalist in this very cool scholarship on Zinch.com. Over 150,000 students from around the world applied to compete for this scholarship. Only 2,500 students have been selected as State Finalists and invited to compete for the $20,000 Scholarship.

I am a state finalist. In order to move on to regionals, I need people to vote for me. If you could all do this, that would be AWESOME!!!

All you have to do is create an account and then go vote for me at this link: http://www.zinch.com/voting/Regionals.aspx?GroupId=44#Kelsi-Herrick

If I can remember correctly, it is pretty easy to create an account. :)

Also, (since I am sending this to everyone I know) if you have kids in high school, you should have them make an account too. Zinch is great for scholarships and talking to colleges.


Make account at http://www.zinch.com

vote for me http://www.zinch.com/voting/Regionals.aspx?GroupId=44#Kelsi-Herrick

make accounts for kids

***If I get into regionals, I will need people to vote for me there too, so make sure to remember your account info!

Thanks! Kelsi

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