Hey everyone!
I meant to do this a long time ago, but I just haven't had the time to do it.
So here goes:

A couple weeks ago, Ryan, Shaina, and I had a game tournament. We played many games and as we did I took pictures because I had a clever plan in mind.

Lately I haven't been having any sales. Business is slow and I am very sad.
Therefore, game pictures + sad lack of sales = FREE SHIPPING*

*With a catch.

You have to get "X" out of 6 of these game names right.
If you get 4 out of the 6 games right, you will recieve a random discount pulled from a generator.
The first person to get all 5 wins the free shipping!
If you get all six, you get a free gift and free shipping!
***if you see that someone got 5 and no one got 6, you may still go for the 6 prize :)***

No going for all 3 prizes.
You can have multiple tries.
Leave your email or way of contact in the post.
Contest ends on April 2nd.


I won this game.

Ryan won.

Shaina and I both won.

I won.

I won.

I won.

This is what Ryan looks like when I win.

good luck!!!!

2 additional things:

Anonymous said...

umm. my guesses.
1. candyland
2. sorry
3. yahtzee
4. i dunno.
5. mancala.
6. i dunno.

kelsilove said...

You have 4 of them right! You can keep trying to figure out the others. If you don't, then you will win the secret random percentage off any purchase :D