My blog is feeling a bit ignored.

Well, for those of you who DO follow the blog regularly, here is a prize for you.
From the 10th-17th I will be having a sale.
15% off regular items and 20% off SALE and FALL/WINTER LINE items (which should all be on sale already).

If you want to know how much you would be paying, here is the site that I use to calculate the prices after you buy. Yes, that means I will not be changing the prices; you will be getting a refund.

So if you want to take advantage of that, DO IT!

Next, because I didn't get any feedback on the video post, I will bring it up again.
Any things that you would like to ask me, comment on, or anything, just leave a comment on this post or go to my http://formspring.me/kelsilove and you can leave it secretly.
The idea is, so I don't feel so awkward talkig to myself, I will take your questions and comments and recognize them in the video. You can say anything :)
Also, to my team members, I will be having the promo box up soon. I will update you when I post it. Or rather, I will before I post it so everyone knows what is going on. :)
Happy crafting!

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