Hey everyone!!!
Yesterday was AMAZING!
I signed up for my classes at UNR. I will be having AT LEAST a 16 credit load. When I go in I will already have 6 credits under my belt for Math 120 and fine arts.
I rock.
I will be taking Hist 101, English 101, Anth 101, Fren 111, and then I will need to replace my math class with another course. I was also choosen to take a free one credit class where psychologist study my life through college and my transition from high school to college. I get free stuff (gift cards) and I get a free credit so that ROCKS!
Altogether, without fees and books, my classes for the Fall come out to about $3050.00 and they all end before 4pm so I won't get raped and I don't have weekend classes. WOO!

Also, I got my belly button pierced. I thought that I was too fat to get one and that it would look horrible but everyone there took a look at my stomach and said it would be really cute. So, implusively, I did it and I LOVE IT! I did it without asking my mom. It felt so cool to be able to do that. Afterwards, Ryan took a picture and sent it to my mom. She called me and yelled at me. Not for the piercing, but for spending money. I told her it was only $20 and she talked to the guy who works there. She was yelling at him and told him I wa 16. He was all like "Is your mom fucking with me? I saw your ID." xD

One of the guys who worked there said it was super cute and Kaitlyn agreed. Ryan just loves it. He wants me to get my eyebrow done too, so that might be in my future.

My mom is getting a free tattoo from one of her coworkers buddies and if that turns out to be good, she will let her work on me too. I hope they turn out okay on my mom. The last at-home artist that worked on her sucked and that why she has to have work done this time.

Prom is in 13 days. Yikes! Graduation is 6 weeks away. My graduation from Upward Bound is on Wednesday. Let me tell you, I would probably not be going to college if it wasn't for that program. I have to wear my prom dress to that, so I am hoping that I still fit into it! I lost 4 pounds, so I think I will be fine. My life is going pretty great right now.

Something that would make it better is if I can sell a bunch of the shop stuff. I decided that I am going to live in the dorms and I can't bring all of this with me so I need to sell it ASAP! I won't be closing down the shop, but I will only be doing shipments on the weekends. In order to get rid of all this stuff, I am open to bargins. I will take the best offer on any item I get. Just message me through Etsy.

A few things to end this lovely post with:
I am reading The Hobbit. I like it.
I (finally) ordered my senior pictures.
Ryan found a job! Mcdonalds, but hey, a job is a job.

PS: I never did show off my new hair. I got more layers and I switched my bangs to the other side. Oh! And my nostril piercing!

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