So my birthday was pretty cool. ish.
I had a 7am meeting.
I had a HARD pre-calc test.
I got a balloon.
It was tie-dye day at school.
Tried catching a bird in American Govt.
Got a really bad headache.
Pretty much skipped Sci-Fi because I had a 1pm meeting.
My friend Kaitlyn Q. surprised me after school with ice cream cake (even though she's vegan <333), a ride, borders gift card, $20 off a tattoo coupon, and Ryan! Ryan had flowers for me too! And a pretty drawing!
Kaitlyn B. was waiting at my house for me.
We got matching right nostril piercings! Mine hurt really bad :D
We went to a sex shop! The owner gave me a free penis lollipop!
I got sick. Wanted to puke. Don't know why.
Watched Drop Dead Gorgeous.
Ate pizza and vegan breadsticks aka no cheese bread sticks.
Ate my other cake (Hello Kitty from mom).
Unclogged toilet.
Played fluxx.

Presents (in order of recieving): Hello Kitty Waffle Maker (Danny), Hello Kitty Easter Eggs (mom), e.l.f makeup (Ryan), AE clothes (mom), Tilly's shirt and Hot Topic Shirt (Ryan), Hello Kitty towel (mom), Hello Kitty pillow (mom), flowers x2 (mom and ryan), Drawing (ryan), borders card and tattoo coupon (Kaitlyn Q.), Nose piercing (Kaitlyn B.), and Penis Lollipop (Random Guy).


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Tommye said...

Sounds like you had an interesting birthday. So many more to look forward to.
Happy Birthday, Kelsi.