Just a quick personal post here.
So I graduated. Now I am currently taking 2 college classes. So much for a fun summer.
My classes are nice though.

Ryan is having a lot of trouble right now.
He finally got a job and I managed to get him enrolled at the school I am taking classes at. He is very happy about going to school :)
He hates his job. He was going to move out with our friend Kaitlyn but some bad things came up. Kaitlyn's mom is getting a divorce and is currently staying with her. Her mom will not let Ryan even move his stuff into Kaitlyn's house, let alone have him stay there. She hasn't even met him, but she thinks that he will steal her stuff. I have never met her mom and when we go to her house her mom is never there and she doesn't even have her stuff there. I think this is all ridiculous.
On top of all of this, Ryan has until Monday to move out.
On the brighter side, I finally updated the shop. I added a bunch of stuff and there are still some things that I haven't listed, like pillows and more burners. I HATE listing things. It just takes so much time!
If you have some extra time, you should go look :)

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