My shop views went from 184 to 99 yesterday.
I'm a little sad, but I guess I will live.

I'm not done with my room. I just have so much stuff in such a small place. I promise I will get it done soon and post pictures because my room is pretty awesome.
It used to be better, but out of nowhere I decided to throw all my posters away and I'm pretty upset that I did.

I did finish getting everyones packages ready, so I might even be able to get them out tomorrow. (Danny, I hope you like your free gifts).

Anyway, I have to go use the scary little girls room (the ceiling is cracking and leaking from upstairs!), so I will see you all laterz.

2 additional things:

Snot Head said...

That does sound scary! lol I had a bathroom sort of like that when I was still living at home.

Hold out for Monday. Maybe that whole "Cyber Monday" thing will pop the views back up. I know mine peaked on Thursday, not so much Friday, and even less yesterday. lol

Valerie's Essentials said...

They will come back up in no time!!!