So, today would have been day 9, but I haven't done anything in my room today.
Here's what I did yesterday:

- I threw away my fish tank complete with dead fish.
I started my fish tank September 1st of last year. I had a lot of fish, but one lasted a year. Anyway, in February I bought a little catfish so I wouldn't have to clean my tank so much. Well, this led to an experiment where I decided to see how long I could go without cleaning the tank. It lasted 8 months until my fish (the year old one) Sushi died. I was very impressed.

- I decided to move some clothes from the closet to the dresser.
I have SO MUCH CLOTHES that I cannot fit anymore in my closet. So I moved the ones that could manage being folded to the dresser. It made me really sad because I'm going to forget that they are there.

I now have sheets and pillow cases. I gave my sister a sticker for sitting quietly on my bed and straightening my stuffed animals.

- I hung up my shelf.
My grandpa made me a wooden shelf. It's really nice. I put the L-brackets on and screwed it to the wall all by myself.

- I put plastic on my window.
My window is weird and it lets in the cold air even when it's closed. So I put a huge sheet of plastic on it. It looks really ugly, but I'd rather have an ugly window that I can't see out of than freeze to death.

- I finished everyones packages!

I really should be done with my room soon!! PROMISE!

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