Why are they so hard?!
I just retook them today.

I took them back in January and I sucked.
I got a 1490 out of 2400.
(If that was a percentage, I calculated it to 63%).

I know what I did wrong. I didn't read any of the stories and I just thought I could wing it because USUALLY I'm really good at standardized tests.

I was wrong.

This time I studied.
I wrote my essay in cursive.
I read all the stories.
I tried really hard.

I feel like I'm lucky if I even got a 1300.
I feel like crap.
I WANT to get at least 1650.
That would be great.

The thing is, I sucked when I took my PSATs too.
I thought that was just because I broke my nose the day before.
Maybe the SATs are just really hard.

Well, next month I'm taking my ACTs.
Which, even though I haven't taken the actual test, I think it's easier than the SATs.
I took the "PLAN" back in 10th grade (which is equal to the PSATs in the ACT world) and I scored a 27 out of 36.

I hope I do REALLY good on that test.
I hope UNR accepts my application.
I hope my transcripts are okay.

UNR said they will accept any Nevada student who graduates with an advanced diploma.
(Which I am getting).
But they said that I need 3 years of natural science and I only took two.
Does that even out?

I need help.

3 additional things:

kelsilove said...

Omg....and I guess my SAT scores will be availible on the 24th...

Snot Head said...

Yikes! A few weeks of waiting might be torture! I got a 25 on my ACTs umm...about 3 or so years ago. I was happy with that. I didn't prepare myself at all for them. I never took an SAT because we don't have to in Illinois, but I always sort of wished I had just out of curiousity.

What are you hoping to go to college for?

Good luck with all the testing!

kelsilove said...

I'm not sure, but I know majoring in history sounds good.