I love my sewing machine.
I really do.
(even though it has made me cry. twice).
Anywho, my dad took me shopping yesterday and we spent $46 on fabric and sewing supplies.
So far, I have made two little zipper pouches. My mom was impressed. She said it is hard to put zippers in. I will list them next month. You will like them. I made a kitty cat one and an owl one. I still have two other kinds of fabric, but I only bought 3 zippers, so you do the math on that.

Also, Ryan and I went house shopping again.
We bought a knife set (with wooden block), teaspoons, metal measuring cups, a wisk (it's green!), 5 cups, corn on the cob holder things, a bamboo cutting board, some cookin utensils, and some mixing bowls.
I love grocery outlet. I want to marry them.

By the way, I am having a sale. You name the price and the best offer wins :)
I haven't had any offers yet, so whoever asks first will probably get whatever they want.
The offers have to be reasonable though.

Oh! My friend Lindsey is having a sale too! I absolutely LOVE her shop! She has so many nice things! (Pretty good prices too!)
She just had her 101st sale (congrats!)
Anyway, her sale is free shipping to everywhere thru December 31st.
She's a 22 year old art student. She is currently attending OCAD (in Canada, not Oregon).
Here's her shop thingy:
Buy Handmade

She is a really nice person! She inspired me to start up a shop back in February.

Anyway, that's all for now!

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