So, today was my (early celebration) anniversary. (The actual date is the 31st/1st).
We had a lot of fun. we went out to eat at a very fancy restaurant. We went there for Valentines Day too. It was fun. I got Ryan two sketchbooks, colored pencils, and charcoal pencils. He really liked them. I also baked him cookies from scratch. They are so good!

Before we went to eat, we went to Hanifins, which is a GREAT antique store. It's my favorite one that we have here. Ryan bought me a 1985 book about birds and a 1957 copy of a history book. I bought a trophy that looks like an oscar for a school project.
After we ate, we went to get dessert (at like 1pm haha) and then we went to an awesome thrift store. I got an owl hot plate, an owl salt or pepper shaker from Virginia City, and then two owl candle holders for less than $6!
We came back to my place and watched 500 Days of Summer. Or rather, he slept and I crocheted.
Speaking of crocheting, I made 7 new scarflettes! Woo! I also made 2 pouches and 6 ipod cases. I am very proud of myself.
I love you, Ryan. Happy Anniversary.

3 additional things:

danny b said...

um why aren't you two using crocheted coffee cup holders

kelsilove said...

Ooooh you caught me!
I didn't have any made, also, I don't like using my inventory.
I need to make personal ones, but I never have the time to do it.
Lucky me, Dutch Bros doesn't even use cups holders ;)

danny b said...

You need to make personal ones, it be advertising. people would be all like "wow what a cool cup holder where did you get it" and you'd be like "I make them and sell them too, you should totally buy some"